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Fiber paste(viscose fiber coloring agent)

Fiber paste(viscose fiber coloring agent)
Product Detailed

1.leave out the dyeing process, prevent the pollution from dyeing, fit with the environment protection;
2.Possesses strong me

fiber coloring agent

Fiber paste (Viscose fiber coloring agent) 



1,Possesses strong merits, the color is gorgeous bright, the chromatograph is complete, the granularity is fine and uniform, the color fastness is good.

2,Applied to the mould, net and the roller printing, similarly is applied to the pad dyeing and dip dyeing, also be widespread used for the fields of textile printing, weave, cloth and quilt, handkerchief etc.

3,Possesses merits of shorter process, lower consumption, fewer pollution, and wider compatibility. always used for the printing and dyeing process of woven fabrics, the cotton and staple rayon, and the chemical fiber and blended.

4,Could apply to the technology of the foaming stereo printing, mortar printing, burn-out printing and electrostatic flocking printing.

5,Could be the coloring agent for glazed tile and interior wall coating. 



Be composed of organic pigment or inorganic pigment (main type is carbon black, JY4219, N220 etc.), kinds of auxiliaries and water.



                        solid content: 20±1%

                        partical size: <=1um    95%

                                                >=2um     <=20 granule

                                                test method by 640 times microscope, dilute by water with 1:50)

                        PH value:9-11

                        viscosity: <=12.5mpa.s (under: 24°C±1°C)



1,one kind of suspending liquid which has wee particle and stable dispersing.

With little viscosity, partial alkalinity, good to mix with the spinning dope when viscose fiber are producing;

2,during the physical and chemical process of viscose fiber produce, this paste could

avoid the influence come from carbon disulfide, spinning acid bathing and drying temperature.

3,this paste has higher dyeing degree because its pigment particle is not water-soluble, and always loss less during the produce process;

4,it makes the colored viscose fiber to be hue bright, shade stable, color fastness high.

5,when the paste using into the fiber produce process, do not mix cation auxiliaries. 


Packing and storage

1,plastic drum,sealed package

 2,Capped and sealed, the expiry date is 60 days; uncapped, the expiry date is 5-7 days;

3,keep the storage temperature to be 1 --40°C,to deicing and avoid volatilizing



1, leave out the dyeing process, prevent the pollution from dyeing, fit with the environment protection;  

2,reduce the processing cycle and capital turnover period, especially some costs of viscose fiber are lower than the dyeing process, it brings more valuable economic benefits;

3, compared to the again-dye-fiber, colored viscose fiber possesses with uniform color, no damage to fiber strength, no increasing the entanglement, no obstructive to running off of fiber oil, make users access to the good performance fiber.

4, colored viscose fiber belong to spinning dope colored fiber, fiber’s internal color is same as the surface’s. it makes abrasion fiber display original color, no old-fashioned sense. 




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